Ibeacon technology and JUXTA

JUXTA is a simple to use new technology developed by Mirador that allows you to learn more about your customers and grow their spend with personalized offers to their mobile phones. In a sense, it’s old fashioned customer service values, powered by new technology.

It’s very simple to set up, requiring only a small Bluetooth transponder to sit at the POS terminal/s and customers to download the free JUXTA (or Retailer's) app on their phone.

We take a feed of your POS transaction data and match it to your customer’s smartphones. We then know what they are buying and are able to make relevant offers to them to encourage them to come back more often and to spend more on specific products or categories.JUXTA uses powerful statistical methods to match transactions with customer’s smartphone ID’s.

When customer’s download the JUXTA app, their location within the store can be tracked using our JUXTA POS devices which are located at each checkout.

By knowing when a customer’s mobile device is at the point of payment, JUXTA can match the transactional records to customers.  Customers can thus be targeted.

Our advanced statistical methodology is part of a collaboration with The University of Sydney Business School’s Discipline of Business Analytics and forms an integral part of our patented technology.By using customer’s smartphones and Bluetooth beacon technology we are able to track purchase behaviour without customers needing to pull out a loyalty card. In fact we don’t need to know the customer’s name, address or any personal details in order to give them offers and rewards that are tailored to them. So it’s a win win – the customer gets great relevant offers without needing a loyalty card, and our retail clients get a marketing platform every bit as powerful as a loyalty program at a fraction of the cost.

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Whatever your retail challenge, chances are someone has found a solution and already successfully implemented it in an overseas market.

Mirador’s reason for being is to explore innovative retail technology across the globe and to facilitate ideas that are successful for overseas retailers here in Australia