Reducing Labour Costs

Labour costs are a large and increasing element of many retailers’ operating costs. And in Australia we have disproportionately high labour costs compared to many overseas retailers. The challenge is always how to curb costs whilst still delivering excellent customer service. Many retailers in the USA and Europe are successfully resolving this challenge using smart technology to either improve the effectiveness of in-store staff, or replace parts of their tasks which are not customer facing. We have a number of technologies which are focussed on reducing labour costs or other aspects of a retailer’s operating costs.

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Electronic Shelf Labels

Mirador is a distribution partner for Displaydata in Australia and New Zealand. Displaydata, a company formerly known as ZBD, is the world’s leading provider of fully graphic electronic shelf-edge labels (ESLs), which can be used to display text, numbers, barcodes, QR codes and brand logos anywhere on freely-configurable displays. The label ranges today are 2-colour black/white or 3-colour black/white/red. Four different label sizes are available.

Displaydata provides a complete digital display solution that enables retailers to revolutionise the digital experience at the shelf-edge. Its solution is currently installed in over 2,000 stores globally, and it has the largest installed base of fully graphic labels of all dynamic ticketing vendors.

In store ticketing software solutions

Our retail clients are increasingly wanting a broad software platform that can centrally drive the many different forms of ticketing and signage in store. So such a software might output price, product and promotion information to electronic shelf labels at the shelf edge and A3 paper signs for another part of the store.

We work with most of the main software providers and can offer a perspective to retailers on which might be most suitable to your needs

Video Analytics

Video technology has improved greatly in the last 5 years and now it offers retailers a broad suite of applications to improve operational efficiency and deliver cost savings. Video technology is also being used to offer new approaches to customer service and customer analytics.

We work with a number of video technology specialists. Our focus is on using the data to streamline in store labour and to match labour to customer traffic dynamically - this improves the customer experience as well as delivering operating cost savings. 

Whatever your retail challenge, chances are someone has found a solution and already successfully implemented it in an overseas market.

Mirador’s reason for being is to explore innovative retail technology across the globe and to facilitate ideas that are successful for overseas retailers here in Australia