Electronic Shelf Labels

Mirador is a distribution partner for Displaydata in Australia and New Zealand. Displaydata, formerly known as ZBD, is the world’s leading provider of fully graphic electronic shelf-edge labels (ESLs), which can be used to display text, numbers, barcodes, QR codes and brand logos anywhere on freely-configurable displays. The label ranges today are 2-colour black/white or 3-colour black/white/red. Four different label sizes are available.

Displaydata provides a complete digital display solution that enables retailers to revolutionise the digital experience at the shelf-edge. Its solution is currently installed in over 2,000 stores globally, and it has the largest installed base of fully graphic labels of all dynamic ticketing vendors.

 Electronic shelf labels offer a number of advantages over traditional paper labels;

  1. Save time and money. ESLs deliver a reduction in store labour costs and other operating costs. This is particularly compelling in the Australian and New Zealand contexts, given many retailers’ high levels of promotional activity and relatively high labour costs;
  2. Reduce risk. ESLs mean the retailer has confidence that the price on the shelf matches the price being charged at the checkout;
  3. Make money. ESLs provide the ability to manage pricing and promotions more dynamically, for example time of day pricing; or automated markdowns of perishable merchandise to reduce waste; or to match competitor pricing; or to ensure consistency between what a customer sees on the shelf and what they see on their smartphone while browsing the retailer’s website;


Displaydata’s solution provides a number of specific advantages for the retailer;

  1. Fully-configurable graphic displays - any element of data or graphics can be displayed anywhere on the label that the retailer chooses;
  2. Extended battery life which lowers ongoing maintenance costs – Displaydata’s labels require power only to change a display, not maintain it;
  3.  Light-touch infrastructure delivering a lower cost of installation – Displaydata’s radio frequency communicators are powered over Ethernet, and only a handful are required for even the largest store. Moreover, the software driving the radio frequency communicators in each store can be managed centrally, alleviating the need to maintain separate server infrastructure in each store;
  4. Two-way communication between the RF communicators and labels removes the need for store team members to search for dead labels - Displaydata’s labels confirm receipt of new information from the broadcast unit, so the system knows it’s been received. For good measure, the label also tells the system what battery life it has remaining.


Mirador can provide strategic advice to retailers contemplating a trial or installation of an ESL solution, and can assist with the preparation of investment cases as required. 


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