25 Feb 2015 12:11 PM -
The National Retail Federation's 104th Annual show last month was something to behold. It just gets bigger as the years go on! Close to 700 exhibitors across 3 days, there was no shortage of insight into the trends in technology and the demands from the retail industry. At Mirador our main interest was in finding solutions to help retailers save operating costs and to find some simple and proven marketing tools to drive the revenue line. We always try to find something simple to implement, relevant to Australia's retail challenges, and with clear evidence of success in the UK (we find most of our clients want to see this). We recon the "watch this space" areas for Australian retailers over the next two years are Electronic Shelf Labels, Video Analytics (not for marketing, but to improve labour efficiency) and Non-mobile forms of customer targeting. We're less convinced on Bluetooth LE - every has jumped in this space, but it feels like technology looking for an application. 

Whatever your retail challenge, chances are someone has found a solution and already successfully implemented it in an overseas market.

Mirador’s reason for being is to explore innovative retail technology across the globe and to facilitate ideas that are successful for overseas retailers here in Australia