Electronic shelf labels go into Sydney Airport

10 Apr 2015 11:31 AM -
Mirador today completed an installation of Displaydata electronic shelf labels at Sydney airport. Joe Blundell, Mirador's Retail Marketing Director remarked of the installation "Each time we fit out a store with ESL's it makes you realise how odd it is that we are still labelling products these days with paper tickets. The technology is now so good that the electronic tickets simply look like better versions of paper anyway and customers scarcely notice the difference - the store operators, on the other hand welcome the fact they are not spending most of their days changing paper tickets and instead, can provide a more attentive service to customers knowing the prices are always right!" 

Whatever your retail challenge, chances are someone has found a solution and already successfully implemented it in an overseas market.

Mirador’s reason for being is to explore innovative retail technology across the globe and to facilitate ideas that are successful for overseas retailers here in Australia