Electronic shelf labels are set to come to Aus

30 Jun 2017 3:31 PM -

This interesting article published on reiterates what we've been saying for 4 years now, namely that electronic shelf pricing will be here soon. The question isn't if, but more when will it arrive!


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Amazon and Whole Foods 365 — it’s about the future

27 Jun 2017 4:59 PM -

There has been a lot written in the United States, Europe and Australia about

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Pierhouse loves Retail loves Mirador

28 Apr 2015 1:47 PM -


Pierhouse, the UK based developer of the industry benchmark NetTickIT® software platform that drives automated production and management of multichannel and smart in-store signage, announc...

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Electronic shelf labels go into Sydney Airport

10 Apr 2015 11:31 AM -

Mirador today completed an installation of Displaydata electronic shelf labels at Sydney airport. Joe Blundell, Mirador's Retail Marketing Director remarked of the installation "Each time we fit out a store with ESL's it makes you realise how odd ...

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25 Feb 2015 12:11 PM -

The National Retail Federation's 104th Annual show last month was something to behold. It just gets bigger as the years go on! Close to 700 exhibitors across 3 days, there was no shortage of insight into the trends in technology and the demands fr...

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Electronic Shelf Labels - 9 Retailer created applications and benefits

6 Feb 2015 3:09 PM -

When the first of the Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (ESL) appeared almost a decade ago, the key issue that suppliers of this technology were solving for was delivering lower cost of payrol...

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Electronic shelf labels have been around for decades - have they finally arrived?

26 Nov 2014 6:18 PM -

Electronic shelf labels have been around for more than 20 years, first appearing in France in the 1980's. Whilst the benefits for ESL have always been clear and obvious, centring on labour savings and pricing accuracy, the road to mass adoption...

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How do supermarkets get cheap and great?

26 Nov 2014 6:14 PM -

Customers want low prices but they want a good shopping experience too. The conundrum for retailers the world over is how to deliver low prices, whilst at the same time, controlling the biggest cost of all - store labour. We can take some lesso...

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Coop Denmark chooses ZBD's Electronic Shelf Labels

31 Jan 2014 3:48 PM -

Leading Danish retailer, Coop Denmark A/S, has signed a new agreement to implement electronic shelf labels (ESLs) supplied by ZBD (now called Displaydata) in its company-owned Coop stores. ZBD's electronic labels have been implemented in more ...

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Whatever your retail challenge, chances are someone has found a solution and already successfully implemented it in an overseas market.

Mirador’s reason for being is to explore innovative retail technology across the globe and to facilitate ideas that are successful for overseas retailers here in Australia